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Kemprol System Waterproofing Service
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A single component ready to use waterproofing system.

KEMPEROL 1K-PUR is a single component polyurethane based liquid applied system, which offers significant advantages to traditional repair methods.

Balconies, terraces are among the most sensitive parts of the structure, too often presenting problems of water leakage.

KEMPEROL 1K-PUR offers a complete waterproofing solution for these sensitive areas and for other awkward details such as corners, protrusions and is suitable for use on wide range of substrates.

The light-weight nature of the KEMPEROL 1K-PUR system adds minimal load, making it particularly useful where roof stability is a concern. Single pack KEMPEROL 1K-PUR provides a long term, cost effective solution, yet is easy to use, straight from the can.

Application :

  • The substrate must be prepared in accordance with KEMPER SYSTEM priming guidelines.
  • Pour KEMPEROL 1K-PUR directly from the can on the prepared and primed substrate.
  • Lay KEMPEROL 120 Fleece into the wet resin and embed with a perlon roller.
  • Pour KEMPEROL 1K-PUR on to the fleece to ensure complete saturation.
  • KEMPEROL 1K-PUR is rainproof after approximately 30 minutes.

Accessories :

  • KEMPERTEC Primers.
  • KEMPEROL 120 Fleece, in 50 metres rolls and variety of widths.

Colours :

  • Standard Colour : white.

2) KEMPEROL Coelastic EVO

Product properties:

  • Ready to use.
  • Flexible.
  • Crack bridging.
  • Water vapour diffusion.
  • UV and weather resistant.
  • Resistant to root and rhizome penetration.
  • European Technical Approval ETA - 03 | 0059.
  • Fire classification E.
  • Resistant in accordance with DIN EN 13501-5 Class Roof (T1) – conforming with DIN 4102-7 | B2 - resisting flying sparks and radiating heat.
  • Can be walked on for maintenance purposes.
  • 1 - component.
  • Based on : polyurethane resin.

Application areas :

Suitable as seamless waterproofing in combination with COELAN Poly Non-Woven-Material for flat and shallow-pitch roofs, forming junctions and penetrations, e.g. on balconies, terraces, and flat roofs. Can be used on almost all substrates (details see substrate).

Colour / Degree of gloss:

  • Standard Colour : light grey / matt.

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