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FRP Roofing Sheets
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FRP Roofing Sheets

We display and deliver an exclusive array of FRP roofing sheets which is made of qualitative raw material. Due to usage of high grade raw material in roofing sheets they are eminently smooth in their performance. We construct FRP roofing sheets varying from 0.5mm thick to 10 mm thick in various lucid and dense colors of assorted contour.

Besides their modish fabrications they have the following advantageous.

We Supplying a wide range of machine made FRP roofing sheets. These fiberglass sheets are made of qualitative raw materials like plastic, fiberglass cloth resin and many others to ensure in them durable performance standards.

Product Specification :

  • Area of Application : Residential/Commercial.
  • Thickness of Sheet : 0.5 mm - 10 mm
  • Technique : Cold Rolled
  • Surface Treatment : Coated
  • Fiber content : 40%
  • Material : FRP

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