FRP Industrial Products Manufacturers And Suppliers In India.

FRP Counter Flow Towers

FRP Industrial Products

Being one of the established names in the market our firm is indulged in providing a series of FRP Industrial Products.

Features :

  • Long service life.
  • Low maintenance.
  • High strength.
  • Perfect finish.
  • Free from imperfections.

Technical Description :

  • Providing high resilience to corrosion.
  • Offering high electrical insulating properties.
  • Having good heat resistance and lowest costs.
  • Use of FRP also makes it resistant to alkaline environment.
  • Coming with superior thermal insulation and smooth internal surface.
  • It is easy to form complex shapes and carry out repairs.
  • Having good tenacity and UV resistance.
FRP Counter Flow Towers

FRP Shuttering

Analysing the demands of our patrons, we are indulged in providing FRP Shuttering.

Features :

  • Water proof.
  • Termite proof.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Light weight.
  • Easy to install.

Technical Description :

  • FRP comprises superior grade thermosetting resins and glass fibre that assure of best of quality and material benefits.
  • Support improving mechanical strength and resistance to damage from outside.
  • Helps maintain fixed shape as well as highest mechanical strength.
  • Solutions can be made available with endless possibilities of thickness/combination with other materials.
  • FRP provides superior tensile, flexural and impact strength.
  • Having elastic behaviour under stress.
  • Product developed using advanced pultrusion technique.
FRP Counter Flow Towers

FRP Waffle Slabs

Supported by trained personnel, we are readily instrumental in presenting a comprehensive spectrum of FRP Waffle Slabs.

Features :

  • Precised designs.
  • High quality.
  • Long lasting.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Optimum.

Technical Description :

  • Having no yield phenomenon that allows impact to be absorbed without deformation Fiber reinforced plastic is of less weight with advantage of high strength ratio.
  • Offering high design flexibility like corrugated, ribbed and contoured.
  • Can hold form and shape even under severe mechanical and environmental stress.
  • Having excellent weather-ability and chemical resistance over large temperature range.
  • Provide for superior mechanical properties.
  • Advanced design software used like CAD, PORE and others.
Industrial FRP and ABS Products

Industrial FRP and ABS Products

Having a positive quality management system, we are involved in presenting a comprehensive compilation of Industrial FRP and ABS Products.

Features :

  • Precise design.
  • Fine finish.
  • Durable nature.
  • Dimensional accuracy.

Technical Description :

  • Products do not rust, rot, corrode thus making them maintenance free.
  • Offering high repair ease.
  • Superior performance under fatigue or creep that allows longer working life.
  • Providing support for efficient lighter weight structures.
  • Having tensile strength upwards of 150,000 PSI.
  • Use of FRP as a material is increasingly acceptable alternative to steel reinforcement.
  • Providing high resilience to corrosion.
Industrial FRP Tank

Industrial FRP Tank

Industrial FRP Tankfor use in industrial requirements.

Technical Description :

  • Allowing for cheap maintenance in service.
  • Offering low electrical conductivity.
  • Offering high damage and breakage resistance.
  • Provide for aesthetical and attractive looks.
  • Having low thermal conductivity.
  • Stable and inactive in usual and aggressive environments.
  • Cavity option of single/multi.

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